Happy Anniversary

5th anniversary of blogging

Why did I open up WordPress today, to find this badge of honour? And yet my last post was in September 2013… maybe this is a sign to resume the ‘good blogging’?

Experiencing East Sussex

Newhaven lighthouseNewhaven cliffsGhostly swimmers 2Ghostly swimmers"Dad was joking...""Oh!"
"Let's hold hands""What shark?"Wave jumping"What's funny?"Not too deepSplash silhouettes
Colder together?Family dipBeach findsPlottingGazingSplash!
"Fun though!""Very, very cold!""Very cold!""That's cold!"In and outBirling Gap

Experiencing East Sussex, a set on Flickr.

The Family had a day out visiting Lewes, with the express intention of popping into Harveys Brewery to get Father-in-Law of Mine a beery birthday present! We thought we might as well have a wander around the castle as well, where beautiful 360 degree views of the Sussex countryside were had.

Lunch was at Bill’s Restaurant – which was highly recommended by friends. I was slightly dubious though as we entered the restaurant, as one of the diners outside was complaining about a grasshopper found in her salad, “I don’t mind, I just thought you should know…”, she said to the waitress.

I think I would have minded.

Then, whilst we were waiting for our meal, a customer on a table not far from us was heard complaining by Daughter of Mine.

Possibly they were just having a bad day, as our waitress apologised for slow service (we didn’t think it was that slow) at the end of the meal and gave us our pre-lunch drinks free (this we didn’t mind).

Post-lunch we made our way to Birling Gap, near Eastbourne which is are part of the world famous Seven Sisters chalk cliffs and one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the south coast.

After shivering at the top of the newly replaced 49-step staircase down to the beach because of the sea breeze, Daughter of Mine soon declared it was time to venture into the water to join her brother who was already splashing about in the sea. Scarily, the last time the stairs were replaced was less than 20 years ago, in 1996 and since then, the cliffs have eroded by 10 metres.

Of course, I can’t think of a situation that would entice me into the sea in the UK, so I spent a very pleasant couple of hours sunning myself, people watching and taking photos – even trying out some long exposures with a 10 stop filter to try to make Children of Mine disappear (just in the photographs, I stress!).

Our day ended with fish and chips from a back street chippy in Newhaven and very good they were too!

Keswick 2013

The Alley to Crandy NookFire!Street TheatreInvaders!Tiny Castle CragCatbells and Maiden Moor
Pitch and Putt22 years later...NappingWatching the sleepy cowsGrandma's cakeSkiddaw
WaitingLow cloudShelteringLakeland rainThe Keswick LaunchRigging
Amy & SamDistant boatLow cloud 2Coming closerDe-riggingHappy sailor!

Keswick 2013, a set on Flickr.

Another Cumbrian adventure in the North Lakes with the Family and In-Laws of Mine.

Mountain walking, Wayfarer sailing, Lake kayaking, ice-cream eating, Jennings drinking, game playing, jigsaw failing, sheep spotting, photograph taking, waterfall finding…

A great time was had by all.

A Wepham wander

Stick manThis year's cakeOnwards!Arundel Castle & Cathedral"It's that way"Common Field-speedwell
Crossing Monarch's Way...Warningcamp HillPatternsDaughter of MineThe FamilyThe Family
Stay still...That'll do...South DownsSussex thatchShepherd's purseBurpham
Roadside buttercupsRedMy 'Angry Bird'ClashingLooking south...More colour

A Wepham wander, a set on Flickr.

Husband of Mine’s birthday. The Family were set for a wander in Wepham woods; that is, the Family except for Daughter of Mine were ready – when In-Laws of Mine turned up for coffee and cake.

And what a cake! In anticipation of our return to the Lakes in the summer, Husband of Mine was treated to a Wainwright masterpiece as, quite literally, the icing on the cake! Pieces were duly cut up and added to the rucksacks, except for the icing which had Mother-in-Law of Mine exclaiming, “It took me ages to do that!”.

It was a gorgeous day on the Downs; steering clear of the South Downs Way to avoid the crowds, our most numerous walking companions were a flock of sheep!

Salterns Way

Low tideSpring at last!How high?Will he jump?NeighboursResting
Greater StitchwortMooredWatching the lockBasking...CheekyLock gates
Rusty lockDudeItchenor to WitteringsGreenBlueLittle egret at Itchenor

Salterns Way , a set on Flickr.

Bank Holiday Monday, and rather than get stuck in the queue down to the Witterings (more of that later), the Family (minus Daughter of Mine who was sailing with a friend at Chichester Marina) decided to cycle from the marina down to West Wittering along Salterns Way.

Sadly we had two unpleasant encounters; one with an elderly gentleman berating us for pushing our bikes along a footpath (difficult to do a walk/cycle combo any other way) and the second while passing the fairly slow-moving queue to East Head beach, wth some extremely loutish behaviour by a convoy of four cars – shouting, playing loud music, getting in and out of each others’ cars, kids without seat-belts clambering around and obscenities being shouted out of the windows at us and other passers-by.

Still, I had a refreshing pint of shandy and chips in the garden of The Old House at Home, which Husband of Mine confirmed was now a gastropub and completely unrecognisable from the pub he frequented in his youth!


“Daughter of Mine is most definitely now a tweenager.”

I started a draft post with this title and opening sentence over a year ago. Distracted by life, it – along with many other posts – was never finished and published. But then again, this blog has ended up being mostly about my memories; this photo qualifies as a memory –  my blog, my rules.

This photo was taken in February 2012 – when Daughter of Mine was still just 11 – and texting was as social as she got. Tomorrow she turns 13… with the best and worse of social networking within her grasp.

Although, according to news stories following the publication of Facebook’s annual report, teens are turning away from the social media giant in favour of other, more awesome/wicked/cool (or whatever the latest ‘word’ is) social networking apps.

You know, the ones where you don’t have Mother of Yours as a friend.