“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”

The Sound of Music.  I have only been in this show once – as a nun, not one of the coveted principal roles – or even as one of the children’s parts that I auditioned for way back in, I think, 1983.  (I have subsequently spent rather a lot of time in a habit, but that’s a another story… )

Whatever anyone else says about the show (or indeed the film version), I rather like it.  It’s not my favourite musical (but then that changes on a regular basis), but I still like it.  As I like all musicals really.  When I was young, my Nana used to tell me how she met my Grandfather, “Pops”, at the original London production of Oklahoma!,  so I couldn’t not have a certain fondness for Rodgers and Hammerstein.  I do go through phases of preferring serious and dramatic; then the fluffy, Broadway boy-meets-girl variety followed by quirky, small-cast stuff – it just depends what I’ve just seen, what I’m currently listening to, and often of course, the current production I’m involved with.

I’m off to the Theatre Royal in Brighton after lunch, to see the Rambert Dance Company’s Comedy of Change Tour 2010.  I haven’t seen them perform live since I did my Dance ‘O’ level (yes, I am that old!), so I shall probably come back wanting to take up professional dance.


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