Going nuts?

Somebody has read my blog!  A bit of it anyway.  And made a comment.  Just not on here.  But hey, things are looking up… it may be of interest to some people, someday, somewhere. 

The friend who has “read a bit of it” does seem to get the gist of the lonely goatherd connection, confessing that she started singing in the office.  Except I’m a closet shepherd… not goatherd – I like sheep because they remind me of being on a mountain – but I digress.  As for the comment, it was on Facebook, which then led me to look more closely at her posts as they’ve been linking to her profile on Blipfoto in recent weeks.  She’s taken some fab photographs… viewing these then led me to wonder whether I should document my oh so exciting life on Blipfoto as well on a blog.  I take LOADS of photos, strictly on a “point and click” basis, but some of them come out pretty well, and of course another half-baked idea in the back of my mind is to learn more about photography at some point… 

I take a quick reality check and decide that it would be just one more thing on the giant “to-do” list in my head – I can post the best of my photos on High On a Hill, and not be tied to only posting them on the day of shooting, which I’d never get around to.  Blipfoto seems like a great site though, I’m definitely going to use it for inspiration.  I have enough trouble keeping my Facebook status up-to-date and as for Twitter, well I’ve tried it, but don’t think I’ll become a long-term user – I “talk” too much for 140 characters…

So today’s photo wasn’t taken “today” but yesterday in Hotham Park – it’s amazing how easy two children with handfuls of nuts find it to tempt the pesky squirrels down from the treetops!


One thought on “Going nuts?

  1. I had the Sound of Music CD out at the weekend :0) could be catching, thanks for the compliments on my photography! I am with you a bit on the hassle of doing it everyday, 21 days in and I am getting a bit weary! Love photography but am thinking my earlier feeling doing it everyday been a bit too much might have been right?!!! It’s certainly inspirational to look at. Enjoying the blog so far, keep it up!

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