Dedicated follower of…

An exhausting day today. Not only is Son of Mine off school with a dizzy/headachey sort of thing, I still have my own headache to contend with. Maybe it wasn’t Tuesday’s aftershave abuse that caused it, maybe it’s a genuine virus that’s doing the rounds. Apologies then, to anyone who has, ahem, tried to snog me since then.

Of course, another very possible reason for the headache might be the amount of time I have spent blogging and fumbling my way round the plethora of social networking sites in the last seven days.

So today’s post is really just a status update on my first week’s activity on WordPress.  I have now managed to connect this blog with Twitter and Facebook – which one I have to update first I’m still not quite sure!  I think one of the reasons for all this online activity is the nagging thought that if I do ever want to return to the wicked world of Marketing I left three years ago, then I ought to stay abreast of the latest trends.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve also read that blogging is so, like, old-fashioned –  but hey, that’s me,  I’m always following the latest trends just as they’re on their way out – just ask my fashion advisor.

Oh and I’ve also added a new page – Shows – for anyone who wants to see what I’ve been up to on stage over the years (oh yes, there’s more to follow!).


One thought on “Dedicated follower of…

  1. Well that was one fun day you have had! its got me going round in circles thinking about it! Have a nice evening if you are offline….otherwise you never know where we might catch up with each other!

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