Community Theatre’s Got Talent

I’ve been dipping in and out of a couple of the early blogs I came across when I decided to start ‘highonahill’ – ooh, all of a week ago.

The first drew me in with the post, Hit Me! Why Traffic Numbers are Meaningless, when I was just bouncing from link to link, trying to research more about blogging in general. 

Yet it had special resonance when I got to comment 42 on this post (Hitchhiker fans please note the significance) because it turns out blogger Randy Murray is also a playwright and theatre lover.  His reply to this comment refers to “… the difficult task of finding people who understand the power and beauty of theatre and what it can mean for both children and the community”, and this really hit home.  

I’m fortunate to be a part of a large family of like-minded individuals, each with their own special talents on- and off-stage.  We’re all working towards a common goal, because we do understand the power and beauty of theatre.

Then I got to this article – We Actually Stage Our Staged Shows – which rants with superior justification about how amateur performers “can sing songs with more than two parts and tap dance at the same time!”. 

And we all know how true that is, don’t we?


2 thoughts on “Community Theatre’s Got Talent

  1. Thanks for calling it “superior justification”. I’m happy you’re making your list of shows (mine: so I could delight in knowing that our shared tap-and-sing experience was–some surprise!–from “Crazy for You”. There were 36 of us tapping on stage for “I Got Rhythm”; I was amazed to hear that we tapped in unison. (Not to mention that I’d just broken my leg four months before.)

  2. Crazy for You’s not the only coincidence (and how impressive to get through rehearsals with a broken leg!). Looking at your great list of shows, I was delighted to see you’re a veteran of the Nunsenses – I’ve played Sister Robert Anne in Nunsense I and II (several times for both shows!) and Nuncrackers. Had to miss out Jamboree as I was eight and a half months pregnant… but helped out during rehearsal to still feel a part of it! I also played Mona Kent in Dames at Sea last year – si, si Kewpie Doll…

    That’s where the similarities end though – I know very little about physics and can’t play the ‘cello… 😦

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