Guppies versus Whitebait

I went on an outing today.  To the garden centre.  With Mother and Children of Mine.  Now, I have nothing against garden centres; indeed, I was the one who suggested this outing at approximately 9.20am this morning. 

It just made me smile, that’s all, as a garden centre was precisely where Mother of Mine used to take my grandmother, for a nice ‘outing’.  For me as a child, traipsing round the pansies and primulas, shrubs (A-Z) and fruit trees, was never the highlight of my half term holiday.  And yet, this outing was instigated by Children of Mine, intent on spending an hour or so in the tropical fish department to fuel their latest desire – planning an aquarium. 

We did have a really good time!  My grandmother kept tropical fish as a hobby and so Mother of Mine and I reminisced about guppies and barbs, catfish and platys, while the children darted around, marvelling at the iridescent colours of the shoals of fish in the well-stocked tanks.  They have now planned their perfect aquarium in their heads, complete with a plastic replica of Tower Bridge (a working model), multi-coloured gravel and an illuminated erupting volcano.  Er, no.  Or at least not in any room that I have to spend any time in.

Hungry by now, we had planned to have lunch in the garden centre café, which was, alas, closed for refurbishment.  Never fear – a far nicer alternative was to pop back closer to home and stop off at The Wilkes Head in Eastergate for a late lunch. 

And on the menu – a huge plate of whitebait – yummy. 

Ooh, the irony of it all…


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