Half term fun and games?

The Family have been going stir crazy today. Several things have kept us indoors; the rain for one, my cold for another and a general feeling of apathy from all parties. Of course, I should have seen this was bound to lead to disharmony in the ranks. Why is it that Children of Mine can never agree on anything?

I suppose the day started off badly. Daughter of Mine had a restless night last night, a bad cough keeping her awake on and off until I went to bed at nearly midnight, so she slept in until around 10.00am. I was woken up twice; at 3.00am by the Cat (I can’t bring myself to bestow upon it the title ‘of Mine’), who had obviously swung on the utility room door until she had got it open (we usually lock it for that very reason); and then again at 6.00ish when Husband of Mine got up to catch a train to London. Son of Mine woke at 8.04am: he is always very precise. This constitutes a lie-in as far as he is concerned, and the saving grace was that he was in a fairly good mood. For about two hours.

Decisions, decisions… what to do? We settled on a morning of board games and began playing a version of Ludo with a knights and castles theme. So far so good, but taking a break to get drinks and snacks was obviously a bad move.

Leaving them together for five minutes whilst I put the kettle on meant that the scene in the living room had descended into anarchy by the time I went back in. Son of Mine had wanted to play ‘Walk the Plank’, a piratical-themed dice-rolling, treasure-collecting board game; Daughter of Mine was okay with this but wanted the yellow stand in which to place the cardboard pirate with the yellow necklace as her playing piece. Son of Mine didn’t even want this particular playing piece; he wanted the blue pirate with the blue stand, but was insistent that the pirate with the yellow necklace didn’t go with the yellow stand, therefore she wasn’t playing and neither was he. QED.

I can’t even begin to fathom out the irrationality of the rest of the day, so have decided to go to the cinema tomorrow so that the little darlings can’t speak to each other (or me) for a couple of hours.

Suffice it to say that I am now longing for work on Monday.


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