Dinner for Eight

I thought I’d have a day off today. From blogging, not from life. Friends are coming round tonight for dinner, but I had no ingredients to make anything with this morning, as I was waiting for my supermarket delivery to arrive. I love Internet shopping. Except at times like this, when I booked a delivery that was really too late in the day for my needs, but that was preferable to dragging Children of Mine around Sainsbury’s in half term when they’d really rather be doing other things (and really so would I).

Anyway, the shopping arrived almost as soon as I had finished typing the paragraph above, so I set to work.

Thinking about my cooking style whilst I’m slaving over the proverbial hot stove, I realise I don’t really have one. The friends coming to dinner tonight are all fab foodies in their own very distinct ways. I have come to two conclusions this afternoon: 1) I’m not very good at desserts, and 2) I can’t bring myself to stick to a recipe.

My menu for tonight looks like this:

To begin:

Any Pringles that are still left in the tube
Some other shop-bought delicacies for munching pre-dinner
3 slices of left-over pizza from the kids’ tea

I came to another conclusion some years ago that I couldn’t be arsed to do starters any more.

For the main: Chicken Cacciatore. Now here’s where I can’t stick to the recipe as I tend to think ooh, that doesn’t look enough, I know, I’ll add more tomatoes/wine/peppers or whatever else I have to hand. Then I’ve been messing around with the cooking instructions so have ended up roasting the chicken first because I hate standing over a frying pan to brown meat. I’ve sautéd the vegetables separately, and then poked the roasted chicken in amongst the sauce – based on a quick Internet search of different versions of the recipe, so who knows what it will end up like?

To accompany I am doing mini roast potatoes (my favourite), have made focciata and will serve up a green salad. From a bag.

For dessert:

This is where I really fall down. Most of my desserts taste great, again though the recipe is never quite followed to the letter. Tonight I will be serving my version of tiramisu, following the simple recipe taught to Son of Mine by one of the friends coming tonight. In fact he helped me make it. Trouble is, I can’t stand coffee, so I spent ages trying to find an alternative to this and settled on raspberry and chocolate. Mmm, it’s another experiment though – but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Here’s a couple of photos to accompany this gourmet experience. I couldn’t face actually posting a picture of the food itself though, as, for reasons given above, it NEVER looks like it does in the recipe books.

The raspberry liqueur bottle - probably the prettiest thing in the kitchen

Son of Mine creating the raspberry and chocolate tiramisu


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