Cinema – past and ‘present’

The Family are fortunate enough to have been to the cinema three times this wet and windy half term.

Fantastic Mr Fox was the first offering. This classic Roald Dahl book was one of my favourites as a child, and the modern adaptation didn’t disappoint me – I thought it was rather quirky with the more traditional animation making a welcome change to the CGI animations that currently flood the market for children’s films.

Film number two was Astro Boy. I’d heard, and read, mixed reviews about this – one parent at school said it was okay, if you happened to be a seven-year old boy. I really enjoyed it, so not sure what that says about me!?

Today, we saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief; a Harry-Potter-esque fantasy, complete with superb special effects and a great story based on Greek mythology. It’s certainly the one that’s had the most impact on Children of Mine – they have been running around the house since we got in from the cinema with sheets for cloaks, pretending to be demi-gods!

But personally, I am most chuffed about the film I received as a present from Husband of Mine this morning. He has read, digested and acted upon my blog and discovered that the film we both saw as children, and that I wrote about in Revenge of the Killer Icicle Candles is, in fact, called The Monolith Monsters! I am now the proud owner of a DVD of this 1957 classic sci-fi movie, starring Grant Williams and Lola Albright, and am looking forward to watching it this Saturday afternoon. Particularly if it is raining.

I can’t yet tell you if the plot is as I remember it. The DVD blurb is in Spanish (apparently the 1950s sci-fi genre is very big in Spain – Husband of Mine bought it from a Spanish e-bay seller); the film, thankfully, is still in English with Spanish or French subtitles.

Until tomorrow then, when “un meteorito gigante cae en la Tierra.”


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