It’s been a funny old few days since my last post. Stunned into silence, I think initially by the excitement of the reunion weekend, I turned my attention to The Family who have been in need of varying degrees of TLC.

Settling down to write over the last couple of days though, I was thwarted by various obstacles.  The first was Son of Mine, who was off school with a dizzy, headachey thing.  In between doses of paracetamol he felt well enough to beg me to help him build a cardboard light saber, watch the mongooses on Banded Brothers on BBC’s iPlayer and indulge him with endless rounds of ‘Who’s Zoo?’ – a kid’s version of the party game where you have a famous person’s name stuck on your forehead and have to ask questions to work out who you are.  Just glad I didn’t have to see anyone that day – given that I spent most of it wearing a neon green plastic headband with pictures of various animals stuck to it. 

I cite other reasons for this enforced gap in my creative writing:

  • Learning my lines for The Memory of Water (vital)
  • Broadband failure caused by water in the overhead cabling to my house (frustrating)
  • The slowness of the WordPress website (yes, I am one impatient person)
  • Catching up with episodes of Glee (enjoyable, but no musical theatre songs in the episode I watched, just covers of pop songs)
  • Trying to build a family website (again, a bit like this blog, why?)
  • Making bread pudding (super-vital)
  • Making honey and orange drizzle cupcakes (super-super-vital)
  • Having to physically go to the supermarket because the Internet was down (tedious)
  • Watching a netball match (fun!  Daughter of Mine’s team won, and I was given responsibility for the stopwatch.  By the end of the match I wished I’d been given the whistle as well – oh the power…)

And finally?  Cleaning the kitchen floor.  I was bored, because of the broadband failure, so suffering Twitter, WordPress and Facebook withdrawal symptoms, I decided to keep busy. 

Now, I have a central island unit in my kitchen.  Not a fancy Homes and Gardens one, mind.  Just a normal functional wooden one, on castors, which stores a few pots and pans at the bottom, baskets usually briefly full of yummy cakes in the middle, and varying amounts of clutter on the top.  Notes home from school, the newspaper, pens, phones, cooling cakes, my banana tree and fruit bowl (often with mouldy fruit in) and crockery en route from the dishwasher to the cupboard can all be found lurking on the surface. 

'The Island' - note no mouldy fruit today!

Well, underneath the island resembled a desolate wasteland in miniature, complete with vast rocks and boulders (bits of cereal, crisps and biscuits); almost-dried-out watering holes, sticky with remnants of red mud (a drinks spillage) and the carcasses of giant predators (a woodlouse and spider); and twirling dust devils of reddish-pink and grey (fluff from the weekly school uniform wash).  Washed clean with the spring rains (lemon floor cleaner), and freshened with golden sunlight and a gentle breeze (I had the door open), this wasteland was transformed into a gleaming oasis of tranquility.

So my silence wasn’t that I’ve got nothing to write about.  In case you were wondering…


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