My creative journey: the phallic phase

I had another motivational session at the day centre last week, working with the students and a different group of adults. Everyone finished their paintings and then began to piece them together on a huge canvas to form one collaborative art piece.

I suggested that my painting shouldn’t be included on the final work –  after all, I gracefully volunteered, this wasn’t supposed to be a session to ‘motivate-the-creatively-frustrated-40-something’.  I was there to work after all.  The art teacher said something like “I’m glad it was you who made that decision.”  

Ho hum.  Best I can hope for is a ‘C’ then.

Funnily enough though, Artist Masquerading as a Manager commented on my painting style being inspired by the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe – did I know her work?  Er, no.  It was inspired by, um, let me think, nothing much in particular, I guess.  If anything, then maybe after a couple of brush strokes I did start to think of other worlds: planets, solar systems and the like (and of course The Monolith Monsters), albeit painted in ‘bright pastels’ – very 9-year old girl’s bedroom. 

Husband of Mine did comment that the bottom right hand corner had a sort of phallic thing going on; when I mentioned this to Artist Masquerading as a Manager, she seemed decidedly unphased.  Apparently Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings were thought to be highly sexual, even though she claimed they were inspired by close-ups of flowers.

Have a look at them yourself. Go on.  There’s a gallery of her work here, or you could check out the slideshows online at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.   Then have another look at my subconscious O’Keeffe-inspired fantasy land, after which I’ll leave you to make up your own mind whether I should be let loose with acrylics and canvas again.

Mind you, whether your answer’s ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I’m still inspired enough to have another go at painting something (other than the things I probably should be painting  – the utility room skirting board, Son of Mine’s bedside table, and the wooden garden furniture spring to mind).  Artist Masquerading as a Manager has offered to help me draft a beginner artist’s shopping list, and I think I might make this an Easter project with Children of Mine.  Maybe they too have some masterpiece inside them waiting to get out?

Or perhaps I should start work on my first commission?  Mother of Mine, always my biggest fan, as only mothers can be, did say she’d like me to produce an artwork for her living room wall. Although perhaps not. Once she thinks it might end up with sexual overtones.

Although it would certainly provide a talking point above the fireplace.


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