Snogging, blogging and online trainspotting

The last week of rehearsals for The Memory of Water is in full swing now and the cast is working hard to perfect the finer details for the already sold out houses.   I think I’m right in saying that Charming On-Stage Lover and I even got a ‘highly commended’ from the Director for the finer details of the new, unrehearsed action on page 30 last night.

I just feel there’s something missing from my off-stage relationship with Charming On-Stage Lover.  It’s been reduced, not in a detumescence kind of way, but in the ‘how-was-your-day-have-you-seen-any-good-films-lately-how-are-the-Small-People-and-Her-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed’ kind of way.  There’s just not the time for normal conversation; no time to chat or exchange pleasantries before 25 pages have gone by and he’s knocking at the window like Heathcliffe (or was it Cathy?). 

Hence why snogging and blogging seems to be our only contact at the moment.  We haven’t even had time to discuss the blogging face to face – the conversations have all been keyboard to keyboard like online trainspotters who sit at their computer wearing grey shoes, drinking something alcoholic with a deranged look on their faces.  (Yes, there is actually a site for online trainspotting – why not try it out?  There’s no alcohol though, just a nice cup of tea on offer.  Accept at your own risk.)

Ah well, maybe we’ll have time to talk after The Memory of Water.  And before this year’s 24 Hour Musical, when we’ll both be awake from Friday morning to late on Saturday night in the name of raising money for a very worthy charity.

My hope for this year’s musical is that it’s about what I’m used to.  A bed.  That way I won’t even have to get up.

So how about Bedknobs and Broomsticks?  No? 

What about Hair, with its song that pays tribute to an old mattress?  No – even more clothes to take off than in The Memory of Water

Other songs sung on a bed are… oh no, I’ve got that sinking feeling…

… ‘My Favorite Things’.  That’s it.  The Sound of Music.  Charming On-Stage Lover and I will be transported back to 1983 and our first production together.   

Suddenly there is meaning where there was none before.


5 thoughts on “Snogging, blogging and online trainspotting

  1. There is a one-man song-cycle called “Songs From an Unmade Bed”. And I think a lot of the musical “I Do! I Do!” (a two-hander) takes place in a bedroom. There’s the sleepover scene in Grease. I’m struggling to think of any others.

    • Hi Singing Librarian – yes I did think about Songs From an Unmade Bed – but we have a cast of 15… Feel free to send me your guesses – I’ll be revealing all over the weekend of the 5 & 6 April! Past 24 hour musicals have included Hot Mikado, Grease, Snoopy!, Dames at Sea and West Side Story – so we can count these out!

      • There’s always By Jeeves with the whole bed song scene – It’s A Pig!

        By the way, 5 & 6 are a Monday & Tuesday, so you may well be doing the show solo!

      • But we’ve done that one! And I’m not sure I still suit a hairnet and facemask… and do you still fit in the hamper?
        As for the date well, oops, but I have got a lot of things to remember at the moment. So correction, the weekend of The Reveal is 9 & 10 April.

  2. Ah, Good Friend And On Stage Mistress, I was only thinking that very same thought last week. You are so busy on stage for most of the production, we never get time for a chat. Even at tea break – when one is allowed – we either get notes or you have to try on that lovely blue gown!!

    There’s just no time for foreplay!!

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