Discovered in Loft: ‘Things’

We’re nearly on to the last of the sketches.  Thankfully.

Things, 1985

Vanity case.  Mine.  Still used by me during show weeks.

Bikini.  Green if I recall correctly.  Mine.  Not still in my possession.  Although I’d still fit into it – my breasts didn’t grow any bigger.

Draped material/clothing.  Could it be the dressing gown again?  Probably mine.  No idea what it was though.

Vest top.  Probably mine.

Shoes.  Definitely mine.  They were white (weren’t they all in the 80s?) and I think I still may have them.  In the roof. 

Copy of ‘Woman’s Own’ Belonged to Mother of Mine, definitely.  Although I do remember avidly reading Claire Rayner’s agony aunt pages.

It’s so obviously a staged composition.  There’s no earthly reason why any of these objects would be together like that in reality. 

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