Free weekend?

“I have just realised that my next free weekend is also my birthday! 12th September. In the autumn. WTF? #fb 2 months ago

It’s Friday night and Husband of Mine is down the pub, trying out his new, hand-made mandolin.  Children of Mine are tucked up in bed, so I thought, I know – I’ll log on to WordPress… but what’s this?  Wait a minute – I haven’t posted anything since 30th June?

And then I saw the Twitter Update in the sidebar, selectively tweeted to Facebook.  And realised that, against all odds, this weekend is still free.  It is still my birthday (on Sunday).  And it is now autumn (although I’m not sure it was ever summer).

Since that tweet on 6th July, my weekends have been spent rehearsing / in a tent at Guilfest dressed as a nun / at an operatic concert at an art gallery / at a wedding / on holiday in Mallorca / rehearsing again / performing at the Arundel Festival in Little Shop of Horrors / rehearsing non-stop for 24 hours to perform in a production of Pippin.



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