Defecting? No, defective…

Random thoughts have surfaced in the last few blogless months about defecting to another blog hosting platform. This has mainly been because I have been frustrated by the slowness of the WordPress interface – I often get no further than my dashboard before the page ‘freezes’ and I run out of time to even begin a post, let alone say anything meaningful.

So today, I decided I would migrate my blog to another platform, which I did, successfully, within just a few minutes. Hoorah! I could now unlease a new burst of creativity onto the world at large. But no, it wasn’t to be. No sooner had I viewed my neatly imported WordPress-created blog posts, the whole new interface crashed, leaving me with ‘connection error’ messages in pop-up boxes all over my screen.

Ooh, the irony of it! Switching tabs back to WordPress showed it working perfectly for the first time all day. Perhaps it was meant to be? At last, a few words have been posted – who knows, there may be more to follow…


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