I’m on a seesaw…

I’ve been meaning to sign up for the postaweek2011 challenge. Not postaday2011 – that would be too much, not least because of the connection problems I am still having with WordPress through my computer. But hey, it’s February, and I haven’t yet managed to tip the balance of my life back to a creative one.

But tonight, I was responding to a Facebook comment from Pete Mulford, an NLP practitioner based in Liskeard, Cornwall and distant relative of mine. Pete and I have been ‘Facebook friends’ since last September (although, of course, we have been distant relatives for considerably longer), and it was then I had the opportunity to remind him of a childhood memory I have of him teaching me how to saw wood! I could only have been 5 or 6 as we moved away from the area after that, so it’s pretty much the only memory I have of him – yet he doesn’t remember it!  Memories are funny things; to him, sawing wood was probably something he’d done countless times before, and therefore didn’t rate big on the ‘memories-I-must-store-for-posterity’ scale.  I am sure that, for me, it sticks in my mind because it was such a grown-up thing to be allowed to do!

Anyway after posting my comment, which was to do with his use of WordPress.org (not .com, I have now discovered) for his practice’s blog at skyblueriver.co.uk/blog/, I clicked over to WordPress to start contemplating a new post – and my eyes were drawn to this entry on today’s Freshly Pressed:

How To: Teach Sawing to a Young Student | woodshopcowboy.

So thanks, Mr. Patrick, for helping me find the inspiration for today’s post, and thanks too, Pete, for teaching me something you’ve forgotten you helped me with.

As Mr. Patrick says, “The only thing between a student and a cut-off finger is an attentive and knowledgeable teacher.”

My end of the seesaw is back in the air again…

“I’m on a seesaw…” – lyrics from The Mitford Girls

‘Seesaw: The Musical’


2 thoughts on “I’m on a seesaw…

  1. Your welcome 🙂 and Great post! Memories are strange things and I’m sure you’re right about the significance of sawing wood. I can remember the first time my dad allowed me to help him with a diy task, probably for the same reason. However, like you say I cannot remember teaching you to saw wood, I do remember you visiting our house in Morden although the memory is fuzzy. I will have to work on remembering more!

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