Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

The Family are all out in the garden, in the lovely sunshine (but biting wind). Children of Mine have been bribed encouraged to help with chores – washing the car, gardening – in return for a pocket money boost.

I am inside, on a mission to come up with a Plan for the Garden. And cook roast pork.

But I got sidetracked, reading blog entries for this week’s photo challenge: ‘Shadow’.Β  And the first one I clicked on – Gardening, Bumble bee and a Sunset Shadow – defined exactly why I wasn’t in the garden with the Family instead today – “80% of gardening is the equivalent of housework”.

I rest my case.

And so back to the photo challenge – The Shadow Family on the descent from High Rigg, east of Keswick. It’s the only photo of the 800 or so that I took that I’m actually in (I’m second from the right). Hope you like it.

The Shadow Family


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

  1. But outdoors ‘housework’ is so much better than indoors housework! And after you’ve done it the place doesn’t deteriorate as it would inside…. no, no, no, the plants breathe a sigh of relief and reward you with growth and flowers and…..

    you see I’m hooked.

    Love the family shadow photo and thanks for the ping back πŸ™‚

    • Well, after I’d posted I did feel a bit guilty leaving the Family to it, so ventured outside, cuppa in hand, to see what they’d been up to! Lawn cut by Husband, oak tree debris cleared up by Son and a sparkly car cleaned by Daughter.

      So I foraged in the vegetable patch and managed to find some forgotten beetroot to roast with the pork… so yes, I suppose gardening’s not all bad πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment…

  2. Did you realise this post marks your 1st anniversary?

    That of course means mine must be coming up!

    Was it really a year ago we spent all that time in bed together? πŸ˜‰

    • That particular anniversary has completely passed me by! I can’t believe either of us found the time to blog, given the amount of time we spent together on that bed…

      But hey, thanks for remembering the anniversary – as any Charming Ex-On-Stage Lover should πŸ™‚

      • Whoops! I left it on the wrong post!

        I meant to add it to the one where you were talking about defecting to another blog host – I thought it made a good present to WordPress to dump it on your 1st anniversary together.

        Oh well. I put it down to my new found age!

      • Oh that makes perfect sense now! Firefox is making a difference, but I’m still getting timed out every so often… must continue to search for answers!

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