Discovered in Loft: ‘Scrap Heap’, ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Knight Mare’

Ok.  Continuing with the last of the artwork I found in the loft, here’s the three paintings that, aged 15, I obviously thought enough of to want to keep.  I’ve no idea what inspired them.  Although I think I may have been a little disturbed.

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I had already thought I had posted these, but no – I had merely saved the bones of this post as a draft.  Anyway, I was reminded of them during a chat with Artist Masquerading as a Manager today.

A fitting post then, perhaps, as looking at ‘Scrap Heap’ and ‘Last Dance’ again, they eerily reflect elements of the tragic events that are continuing to unfold in Japan.


2 thoughts on “Discovered in Loft: ‘Scrap Heap’, ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Knight Mare’

    • Not really. Just in a get-the-kids-interested-in-art kind of way. But it’s something I would like to get back to – I’m having a bit of creative mid-life-crisis I think at the moment. Theatre’s always been my main hobby, with walking in the Lakes a close second, just I’m now trying to add writing, knitting, art and music into the mix (not to mention the gardening plan – ha!) – and there are just not enough hours in the day!

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