Woody bananas,
untouched by the Family;
a fortnight old



Posted in response to today’s Plinky topic – a haiku about something that drives you nuts:

Uneaten fruit in general. And these bananas in particular, delivered to my door by an online delivery service on Tuesday 1 March. Completely impenetrable and as hard as anything, they haven’t ripened even a little bit – this attempt by Daughter of Mine to peel one some days ago failed miserably.

Poetry now, eh?

“A good rule of thumb for an English-language haiku is somewhere between 13-17 syllables.” (this must be good advice, it’s from the BBC)

I’ll try any form of creativity once.


5 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. wrap in newspaper or if you have them brown paper bags and put in a warmish dark place,ie; airing cupboard or a drawer in a warm room.

  2. try putting them in a sealed poly bag with a really ripe tomato… 🙂

    My gripe is pears
    very unripe one minute
    past their best next day

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