Keswickian Quavers

The cottage we stayed in this time in Keswick was called Quaver Cottage.  A fitting name, I thought, for a musical person such as me.

Although modern, and a tad small for us (Children of Mine had to share a room – never again), it was definitely my kind of cottage.

It was:

(Most importantly) IN KESWICK.

RED. Red sofas. Red curtains.

SHEEP. A sheep mug. Sheep tablemats and coasters. A book on sheep breeds on the bookshelf, sandwiched between the Wainwrights. Sheep bedspreads in the twin room.

MUSIC. Musical references were all around, like these quavers attached to the kitchen window, and a framed tapestry of the cottage’s name with quavers all around it, made by the owner’s mother as a present.

Quaver Cottage

Son of Mine of course had a different take on the meaning of the name, exclaiming, “I could eat Quaver Cottage – it’s so lovely!”

Speaking of eating, this pheasant appeared in the garden within a few minutes of our arrival, but alas, didn’t make it to the table for that night’s supper!

Pheasant at the door of Quaver Cottage

Robins also were regular visitors, as were ducks, as the cottage garden backed on to the River Greta – a beautiful outlook, yet sadly one that led the cottage to be flooded in the devastating floods of November 2009.

These feathered friends even inspired Daughter of Mine to pick up a bird book momentarily…

The view from the garden changed by the minute, with the massive bulk of Skiddaw appearing and disappearing in the low cloud that the February skies offered for most of the week.

View from Quaver Cottage

Quaver Cottage is available to rent from Keswick Cottages – a helpful independent holiday cottage rental company who I have used several times now as they specialise in properties in and around Keswick. I expect I shall need their services again before too long.

Quaver Cottage

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