‘Mummy’ mouse

Husband of Mine had his first day off work today in his quest to repaint the utility room, so ‘Muddy Puddle’ on the walls is coming along quite nicely.

More of interest yesterday, though, was the mummified mouse found in the boiler casing (I have no qualms about sharing the horrors found in my house online).

'Mummy' mouse

I just wish the Cat would eat all the mice she catches, rather than lose them in such hard-to-reach places.


4 thoughts on “‘Mummy’ mouse

  1. Had the mouse stopped being smelly?

    Our cat once caught a mouse and dropped it in the kitchen where is proceeded to make a home under the dishwasher. I wrote a children’s poem about it 🙂

    • There are often funny smells in our utility room 🙂 which we put down to small animals, but can’t always find the bodies… the worst time was the last time we moved house, a removal man put his hand in a putrid mouse that was under the fridge and nearly vomited on the spot…

      Did children like the poem?

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