Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Ah, Spring! The beauty of daffodils, crocuses and the gentle warmth of the sun finally persuades me to venture into the garden.

Yet my Spring mostly looks like this.  There always comes the moment when I actually ‘see’ the things in the garden that any self-respecting home owner would have dealt with at the end of the season.


Every year, I am mystified as to how many plants have died without me actually noticing – how selfish of them! Of course, even with my limited gardening knowledge I know that hanging baskets consist merely of annuals and therefore death is inevitable. I even had a task on my never-ending to-do-list – ‘plant winter pots / hanging baskets’ – yet clearly this was never done, why?

Because I am not even a fair-weather gardener. Instead, I describe myself as a ‘no-weather gardener’. Maybe that’s why I like mountain scenery so much – all that untamed natural beauty, with no trellis, pot, basket, compost or trowel in sight.

And yet I love the formality of colourful displays such as this one, taken last Sunday in Priory Park in Chichester.


So I have now well and truly shamed myself into going into the garden today. No excuses. I am not at work, the sun is shining and the housework can wait until another time (no change there then!).



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