Pondering the Easter story

“Christ has died.

Christ has risen.

Christ will come again.”


Or was it maybe just some water vapour, or a couple of EasyJet planes crossing the Sussex skies?

Looking out of the window just before I left for church this morning I saw an unmistakeable cross in the blue sky of yet another gorgeous morning.

Coincidence? Or a sign?


Exterminate or Delete?

A colleague reminded me yesterday about the return of Doctor Who to our TV screens this Easter.

How exciting, given that the Family are big Doctor Who fans! Will the new series feature either of the two best-known enemies of the Doctor – the Daleks or the Cybermen?


It’s been a funny couple of weeks.

A ‘potential staffing reduction’ is upon us at the school I work in.  Not surprising, given the cuts to education budgets and in particular the funding for vocational subjects (which I provide administrative support for) in light of the introduction of the English Baccalaureate.

Still, I can’t fail to be amused by the language used in the documents we’ve received so far to prepare us for the potential redundancies.

My current post has been ‘deleted’.

I have until tomorrow to put forward a representation to amend or oppose the proposal.


And I always thought it would be the Daleks that would get me in the end. Maybe I should oppose the wording and ask for