Pondering the Easter story

“Christ has died.

Christ has risen.

Christ will come again.”


Or was it maybe just some water vapour, or a couple of EasyJet planes crossing the Sussex skies?

Looking out of the window just before I left for church this morning I saw an unmistakeable cross in the blue sky of yet another gorgeous morning.

Coincidence? Or a sign?


8 thoughts on “Pondering the Easter story

    • A purely human error on my part. So many WordPress troubles via the PC route so I decided to start a post on my iPod app. Managed to publish the first few paragraphs typed whilst cooking the evening meal live rather than as a draft. Oops!

  1. PS to see my dashboard I put my cursor over the black oblong which says ‘my blogs’ and a drop down menu appears, from which I choose Pseu’s blog and dashboard, then click

    • But often all I get is the whirly egg timer thingy then just text with all the pictures missing and little boxes with ‘x’ in them instead… It’s as if all the formatting disappears and no links work.

      Then I just give up blogging for another day *sigh*

      • Me too, after researching the problem online. I’m going to try more RAM next; if that doesn’t work then maybe it’s just my rubbish rural broadband 😦

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