Post wedding blues?

I have to confess that I didn’t get caught up in the Royal Wedding hype until the eleventh hour. Children of Mine had a street party at their school and so went into school on Thursday dressed in red, white and blue (the other theme being Prince / Princess, which they both turned their noses up at).

They came home that day with hats and flags, full of fun and excitement about the dawning Wedding Day. As Daughter of Mine put it, “I’m so excited, even more so than for my own birthday! I can’t wait to see the dress!”.

And so the preparations went on, until nearly 9.30 that evening. No commercially-produced-sold-as-BOGOFs-at-your-supermarket Royal Wedding tat for us, instead we made red, white and blue bunting with our own drawings of coaches, dresses, tiaras, cakes, rings and Royal Guards adorning some of the white paper triangles.


The ideas flowed; the ‘crown jewels’ were displayed, a patriotic teddy was duly despatched to sit guard over the proceedings – flag in paw, crown made at Beavers balanced on ears and Union flag scarf around his neck, and assorted crowns and tiaras from an earlier era in Daughter of Mine’s life were found and strung from light fittings in an installation that the Tate could have been proud of.


Mother-in-law of Mine came over to watch the wedding with us. Father-in-law of Mine dropped her off early – 9.00am – as he was off to indulge in a game of snooker, his Friday morning pleasure, that was not about to be given up just because of a Royal Wedding.

We ooh-ed and ahh-ed, drank tea and ate egg sandwiches and scones with strawberries and cream. Husband and Son of Mine declared boredom halfway through the service and went outside to play football, returning, to their credit, to watch the kiss on the balcony and the Battle of Britain flypast.

I even tweeted. Just a little. It seemed a bit rude, what with everyone else in the room, but amid the flurry of official, non-official, witty, observant and downright ridiculous tweets, I particularly liked these two for their reference to musical theatre and Time Lords:

@sondheimlyrics: Wouldn’t it be funnier to go and watch a funeral? #company

@JaneyGodley: Dr who turns up at wedding

I even tried my own wedding dress on, justifying asking Husband of Mine to get it down from the loft by suggesting that the Children might like to see it.

I couldn’t be bothered to also find and scan the decent wedding photos, so here’s a low quality scan of a snapshot taken outside the church. So young! And ha! Lace was in then too, although the dress is a bit ‘fiddle-dee-dee’, influenced ever so slightly by my obsession with Gone With the Wind.


Alas, there was no discernible interest in me in the dress from anyone. Husband of Mine did up the one button that he could, saying, ‘I won’t do any others, in case it rips.’ Mother-in-Law of Mine commented, ‘Oh, and I thought you were slimmer now. I could still get into my wedding dress on my 25th wedding anniversary.’ Oh goodie, I’ve still got four years before I need to stop eating chocolate.

As for Children of Mine, they barely noticed.

So I took it off again.

Just like after Christmas, the living room now looks bare. The decorations have been carefully packed away, along with the flags brought home from the school street party – I will almost certainly recycle these patriotic red, white and blue decorations for next year’s celebrations for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The day’s papers have been saved, and will be hoarded in the loft, with the papers from every other momentous world event from the last 20 odd years (Mother-of-Mine has papers going back in time like this too – it’s a strange family trait).

And the dress? It’s back in its box. For another four years at least.


4 thoughts on “Post wedding blues?

  1. I have only one year left to try and get back into the dress… well 14 months. 🙂

    Lovely wedding story.

    • Thank you! Although I swear it’s my ribcage that has expanded 2 inches, and nothing to do with my cake consumption 😉 Looking forward to hearing your wedding story in 2012!

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