I’m Bloglovin’ it…

I’ve not yet found a completely satisfactory way, to me at any rate, of keeping track of the blogs I’d like to read. There are a few that I dip into regularly, but there are so many more that I find by accident, read a little of, vow to return to and yet never do.

I tried Google Reader but find its layout so bitty and unattractive. So I was really pleased to discover Bloglovin, a web-based reader that is extremely simple to use and easy on the eye as it displays each blog in its original design.

First impressions are great. And there are iPhone and Android apps so you can easily read posts on mobile devices too.

So far, I’m Bloglovin’ it – try it for yourself and follow my blog with Bloglovin


3 thoughts on “I’m Bloglovin’ it…

  1. I subscribe to blogs and then I’m notified by email… so I don’t quite see how this helps….interesting idea though

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