Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

A gallery of sunset skies for this week’s challenge, just a few of the many I’ve snapped from my garden over the last 9 years, and the story of why, every time I press the shutter button, I think of my grandmother…

I’ve had a logistically challenging week. For starters, I have been at work for a lengthy four days this week. And before the tutting begins, I know that’s still part-time to many people, but those few hours extra I have spent at work this week have made a huge dent in the amount of stuff I could have got done at home. Not to mention the amount of time I could have spent online. Ahem.

Last Sunday’s sunset, after the Family’s visit to Devil’s Dyke, was another beautiful one. My garden faces west, so I am rewarded nightly with a different sky to gawp at in awe and I often leap up to grab the camera and photograph the colours and patterns on offer. It was when I was downloading yet more files to my PC and tagging them as sunsets that I started thinking about interpreting this photo challenge as a gallery.

This habit of photographing sunsets reminds me of my Nana, who often took photographs of sunsets from her west-facing garden to ‘use up the film’. Mother of Mine and I found packets and packets of photos, each with at least one sunset, when sorting through her things after her death in 2001. I wonder what she would have made of the advent of digital photography with the option to snap away and instantly see the results on a screen, before sharing online with family, friends and strangers.

Children of Mine won’t find my photos languishing in a drawer when I’m gone, instead they’ll be turning to the digital storage medium of the day – the technology of the future that will replace today’s computer hard drive, website, blog, or photosharing service.

I wonder what they will do with them all?


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