Weekly Photo Challenge: Old-fashioned


A coincidence perhaps, that this week’s photo challenge has also been inspired by my grandmother – the ring belonged to her and was given to me when I was a teenager. Studded with garnets, and teeny tiny real diamond chips which, at that age, made me feel like a princess.

Look closely and you will notice how it is no longer symmetrical; the gold worn down at the top with years of wear.

Would something this old-fashioned, yet so beautiful, still excite today’s teenagers, I wonder?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Old-fashioned

  1. Pretty. My engagement ring is a similar design, in that it is a oval split in a ring with the stones inserted, not standing proud. But mine has small sapphires and diamonds.

    • Sounds lovely, Pseu. I saw your link to the photo reflection competition earlier in the week and thought I’d post a bizarre reflection that I caught while photographing the ring – what do I need to do to post a comment with a photo on that page? Sorry if I’m asking a dumb question, but I couldn’t see how to do it!

      • to put a photo in a comment I think you have to be an author on that page… I’d happily introduce you.
        Then there are instruction in the top bar of that site

        http://charioteers.org/ is the site… see the bar below the header… those tabs have instructions.
        Let me know if you’re interested.

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