Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

What this photo tells you about me…

  • That I’ve attempted a cheesy self-portrait in my bedroom mirror whilst pretending I am a real photographer
  • That I haven’t learned enough about Photoshop to clone out the headboard or reverse the Sony wording on my camera
  • I have a red wall in my bedroom
  • I am married (or like to wear rings to look as if I am married)
  • I need to do something about the bag under my eye. Just the one. The other eye is fine.

What this photo doesn’t tell you about me…

  • I had to redo my self-portrait photo shoot when I realised, after downloading the photos, how much dust was on my mirror
  • The last time I took photos in my bedroom mirror I was probably singing into a hairbrush and pretending to be a West End star
  • I have learned enough about Photoshop to successfully crop out all the clutter that you would have been able to see beside me
  • I really like the top I was wearing
  • I actually really hate having photos of me – the ‘real’ me – taken, posted, shared, shown or generally just on display. I much prefer those of the characters I pretend to be, like these shots, interspersed with a few shots of the Lake District, which I use as my Twitter background:



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