Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


Two hastily arranged posies to take to church for Good Friday’s Easter garden service.

Husband of Mine commented: “It’s amazing how many pretty flowers we have in the garden!”

Er, it’s the same every year. A couple of tatty daffodils, branches chopped off the hebe and a variegated green bush I don’t know the name of, a sprig of heather and some tiny purple flowered ground cover that pops up every spring.

But put the posies with the others in the Easter garden and they look as beautiful as any professionally arranged bouquet.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Evy: (Holds glass up) “Alright, I’m through,  I’m through. (Raises glass to lips and finishes it) There! Alright?

Here is the theatre pictured the morning after the last night of The Gingerbread Lady – we were well and truly ‘through’, with the props and furniture cleared, the set ready to take down and cast and crew ready to move back to their real lives.

In fact, the character of Evy, in Neil Simon’s The Gingerbread Lady, wasn’t ‘through’ with her drinking at all; this was merely the first glass of alcohol to pass her lips since coming out of rehab and the one that marked her return to the booze.

It was certainly a challenge and a privilege to play the part of Evy, and it was wonderful to work again with such an intuitive director. The last time we worked together was for the play The Memory of Water, which I found so creatively stimulating that it led me to start this blog as an outlet for my own memories and experiences.

The Gingerbread Lady has been different in many ways (including taking up so much time with line learning and rehearsing that I had little left over to do any blogging!), but ultimately still an amazing experience to work with another fabulous team of people, both on stage and backstage.

As Evy would say, “Glasses up, everyone!”