A Slindon Round

HidingCurves and linesRapeseed blossomsNore Folly, SlindonDizzy heights!Hazy
Nore Folly, Slindon20130511_NoreHill&FollySlindonBluebells_012CowslipWood SpurgePatternsYellow Archangel
White bluebellsA carpeted clearingDappled sunlightIn the spotlightSingle and proudSeen among the bluebells...
Pool of hearts

A Slindon Round, a set on Flickr.

On my own for the weekend, whilst the Family go camping… so it’s off to the woods I go to see the bluebells.

I saw more than just bluebells, and resolved to look them all up when I got home to check the names!

Corrections welcome 😉


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