Salterns Way

Low tideSpring at last!How high?Will he jump?NeighboursResting
Greater StitchwortMooredWatching the lockBasking...CheekyLock gates
Rusty lockDudeItchenor to WitteringsGreenBlueLittle egret at Itchenor

Salterns Way , a set on Flickr.

Bank Holiday Monday, and rather than get stuck in the queue down to the Witterings (more of that later), the Family (minus Daughter of Mine who was sailing with a friend at Chichester Marina) decided to cycle from the marina down to West Wittering along Salterns Way.

Sadly we had two unpleasant encounters; one with an elderly gentleman berating us for pushing our bikes along a footpath (difficult to do a walk/cycle combo any other way) and the second while passing the fairly slow-moving queue to East Head beach, wth some extremely loutish behaviour by a convoy of four cars – shouting, playing loud music, getting in and out of each others’ cars, kids without seat-belts clambering around and obscenities being shouted out of the windows at us and other passers-by.

Still, I had a refreshing pint of shandy and chips in the garden of The Old House at Home, which Husband of Mine confirmed was now a gastropub and completely unrecognisable from the pub he frequented in his youth!


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