A Wepham wander

Stick manThis year's cakeOnwards!Arundel Castle & Cathedral"It's that way"Common Field-speedwell
Crossing Monarch's Way...Warningcamp HillPatternsDaughter of MineThe FamilyThe Family
Stay still...That'll do...South DownsSussex thatchShepherd's purseBurpham
Roadside buttercupsRedMy 'Angry Bird'ClashingLooking south...More colour

A Wepham wander, a set on Flickr.

Husband of Mine’s birthday. The Family were set for a wander in Wepham woods; that is, the Family except for Daughter of Mine were ready – when In-Laws of Mine turned up for coffee and cake.

And what a cake! In anticipation of our return to the Lakes in the summer, Husband of Mine was treated to a Wainwright masterpiece as, quite literally, the icing on the cake! Pieces were duly cut up and added to the rucksacks, except for the icing which had Mother-in-Law of Mine exclaiming, “It took me ages to do that!”.

It was a gorgeous day on the Downs; steering clear of the South Downs Way to avoid the crowds, our most numerous walking companions were a flock of sheep!


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