Keswick 2013

The Alley to Crandy NookFire!Street TheatreInvaders!Tiny Castle CragCatbells and Maiden Moor
Pitch and Putt22 years later...NappingWatching the sleepy cowsGrandma's cakeSkiddaw
WaitingLow cloudShelteringLakeland rainThe Keswick LaunchRigging
Amy & SamDistant boatLow cloud 2Coming closerDe-riggingHappy sailor!

Keswick 2013, a set on Flickr.

Another Cumbrian adventure in the North Lakes with the Family and In-Laws of Mine.

Mountain walking, Wayfarer sailing, Lake kayaking, ice-cream eating, Jennings drinking, game playing, jigsaw failing, sheep spotting, photograph taking, waterfall finding…

A great time was had by all.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Although Daughter of Mine was actually very focused – concentrating hard whilst sewing badges onto her Guide camp blanket…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


Two hastily arranged posies to take to church for Good Friday’s Easter garden service.

Husband of Mine commented: “It’s amazing how many pretty flowers we have in the garden!”

Er, it’s the same every year. A couple of tatty daffodils, branches chopped off the hebe and a variegated green bush I don’t know the name of, a sprig of heather and some tiny purple flowered ground cover that pops up every spring.

But put the posies with the others in the Easter garden and they look as beautiful as any professionally arranged bouquet.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Seen in Father-in-Law of Mine’s small vegetable patch at the side of his house (not thankfully, on his prize-winning allotment).

Yet he probably has no regrets about the sorry state of this lone tomato – he can’t stand them…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

“Fresh, warm bread. What is there like fresh, warm bread?

So say the villagers in Stephen Schwartz’s musical The Baker’s Wife, a lovely show which I was involved with in 2006. With Charming On-Stage (Ex)-Lover, over at Better Offer? funnily enough.

The line, “Plain and simple. Simple and plain. Water, salt and flour”, sung by the Baker when describing the delights of a freshly baked loaf to his new wife, was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this week’s challenge.  Shame the song – featured on the Original London Cast recording –  was cut from subsequent productions of the show due to its similarity with another song sung by the Baker – Merci Madame.

This loaf (alas, not baked by me) could have been described using many of the superlatives uttered in the show to describe freshly baked bread – “And that crust is really / pure temptation / perfect shape / perfect size / thrills the nose / fills the eyes / stomach juicing / drool inducing / flawless / wondrous…”

Especially when served for lunch with a variety of cheeses and caramelised onion chutney – yummy…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Happened to drive past Shoreham’s new lifeboat station today; thankfully I had my camera with me, so was able to stop and complete this week’s challenge!

The lifeboat has only been launched once so far this year – on New Year’s Day – when fortunately, the paddle boarder reported to be in distress was found to be safe and well and paddled into shore under his own steam.

The last call-out of 2011 didn’t have quite such a happy ending – sadly this fisherman’s severed hand could not be located and was presumed washed overboard.

Here’s a few more photographs taken around Shoreham’s lifeboat station, which conducts daily visits for anyone wanting to find out more about this vital service.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

What this photo tells you about me…

  • That I’ve attempted a cheesy self-portrait in my bedroom mirror whilst pretending I am a real photographer
  • That I haven’t learned enough about Photoshop to clone out the headboard or reverse the Sony wording on my camera
  • I have a red wall in my bedroom
  • I am married (or like to wear rings to look as if I am married)
  • I need to do something about the bag under my eye. Just the one. The other eye is fine.

What this photo doesn’t tell you about me…

  • I had to redo my self-portrait photo shoot when I realised, after downloading the photos, how much dust was on my mirror
  • The last time I took photos in my bedroom mirror I was probably singing into a hairbrush and pretending to be a West End star
  • I have learned enough about Photoshop to successfully crop out all the clutter that you would have been able to see beside me
  • I really like the top I was wearing
  • I actually really hate having photos of me – the ‘real’ me – taken, posted, shared, shown or generally just on display. I much prefer those of the characters I pretend to be, like these shots, interspersed with a few shots of the Lake District, which I use as my Twitter background: