Nunsense – September 2009

17-19 September 2009
The Studio, The Regis Centre, Bognor Regis
Boxstep Theatre Company

Until I unearth my scrapbooks from the loft to check, I can’t actually remember how many times I have played Sister Robert Anne, the streetwise nun from Brooklyn, in different Nunsense musicals.  I suppose you could say it’s become a bit of a habit… I’ve lived with the character on and off since, I think, 1997.

Anyway, such was the familiarity with the show, that I’m not sure anyone in the team took a single photograph of us in our nun’s habits, so instead, here’s a front of house photo taken of me as Sister Robert Anne for our December 2006 production of Nuncrackers

"Not only do I drive the convent car, I can also strip it faster than any mechanic in Hoboken."

Frankly, I didn’t look any different last September… when you’ve seen one habit – you’ve seen ’em all.


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