The Memory of Water, March 2010

by Shelagh Stephenson

22-27 March 2010
Arundel Players
The Priory Playhouse

“Strong showing from cast in powerful play… extremely strong performances… stunningly portrayed…” (read the full review)

“Really powerful and moving… truthful performances.  Stunning in fact.”

“Having been … a long-time fan of this particular play, may I say that I have just been fortunate enough to watch the most awesome production of this work that I have yet witnessed… never have I been as moved as on this occasion.”

“Brilliant play!  Loved it, you played your role so well I felt truly sorry for you at the end.”

Winner of the 2000 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy

This play provides insight into the lives of three sisters, and their partners, who are reunited on the eve of their mother’s funeral. It appears at first to be pure black comedy, with the bereaved sisters indulging in witty bickering and and dope-induced dress-ups. It skilfully charts the joyous and painful territory of family relationships with insight and compassion. This is a play with humour and heart.

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