Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

The Family ventured out to Climping beach on a rather blustery Father’s Day for a walk, a spot of metal detecting and some fresh air.

We certainly got the fresh air. The weather was so bad that we spent less than a hour down there, watching the waves crash on the shingle; Son of Mine trying his hardest to get soaked by leaving it until the last minute to run away from them.


Alas, we didn’t find a treasure trove this time; just dug up a lot of tin foil carelessly discarded by casual picnikers.

There is a car park at the end of the no-through road that leads to the beach, bounded by a concrete sea wall.


Completely eroded in places, I thought a picture of this fitted the challenge far better than the other option I had in mind.

A self-portrait.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Water


Staying with the L.A. theme for a while longer (Little ’Ampton),  here’s Daughter of Mine panning for gold.

She did manage to find 26 nuggets of the fake stuff in the sand and was delighted with her prize of a ‘gold’ medal.

And strolling down to the beach for a view of the sea, Son of Mine thought it was hilarious to see the unusual amount of vegetation on the beach, and a swarm of seagulls circling a tiny patch of the water.


Doubt if they found their fortune in Little ‘Ampton either…