Crowdsourced Sundays Week 1: Reads


I can take no credit for this idea – despite my contribution of a Sooty eggcup on the first week of an experiment by @himupnorth to produce a blog post from randomly generated Twitter photographs.

It worked… and the idea has gone viral. Well nearly.

This week’s blog post over at saw tweeters contributing pictures of their current reading material.

I have this morning finished “What I’m Currently Reading” (‘FlashForward’, a science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer) which was infinitely better than the American TV series that it spawned. Falling ratings in the UK led to the series finishing abruptly halfway through, so I never did get to find out what happened; and apparently Season 2 was never made, so disappointingly the TV version’s ending was never resolved…

Now at least I know what happened…