Weekly Photo Challenge: Colourful


I seem to always have a ridiculous amount of washing. Even more so, this week, as the preparations for the Family’s annual holiday are underway.

Today, summer has actually made an appearance so the washing was put outside to dry in the breeze. Seeing it all hanging there in the glorious sunshine, rather than hastily put in the spare room to dry, revealed how much colourful clothing I have.

Maybe it’s the performer in me – the brighter the better?


‘Mummy’ mouse

Husband of Mine had his first day off work today in his quest to repaint the utility room, so ‘Muddy Puddle’ on the walls is coming along quite nicely.

More of interest yesterday, though, was the mummified mouse found in the boiler casing (I have no qualms about sharing the horrors found in my house online).

'Mummy' mouse

I just wish the Cat would eat all the mice she catches, rather than lose them in such hard-to-reach places.


Woody bananas,
untouched by the Family;
a fortnight old



Posted in response to today’s Plinky topic – a haiku about something that drives you nuts:

Uneaten fruit in general. And these bananas in particular, delivered to my door by an online delivery service on Tuesday 1 March. Completely impenetrable and as hard as anything, they haven’t ripened even a little bit – this attempt by Daughter of Mine to peel one some days ago failed miserably.

Poetry now, eh?

“A good rule of thumb for an English-language haiku is somewhere between 13-17 syllables.” (this must be good advice, it’s from the BBC)

I’ll try any form of creativity once.

Muddy Puddle

Husband of Mine has some time off in a week or so, and has gone to Homebase this morning with Son of Mine to get supplies. Gravel – to fill in the potholes in the drive that are now huge thanks to the snow we had this year. And paint – to give the utility room a much needed make-over.

Once upon a time, I would have spent hours agonising over paint choices, buying tester pots, painting large swatches and leaving them on the wall to look at them in all lights before finally making a decision.

Now? A quick check on the paint manufacturer’s website to find the perfect colour.

“Muddy Puddle, one of our favourite and most flexible neutral shades.”

Easy. Decision made based on the colour of the mud brought in every day by the Family, not to mention the Cat’s paw prints and the blood and guts from the array of small mammals she brings in and dissects. She’s cute though, in a ‘love-and-hate relationship’ kind of way.

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Time taken to decide? About 10 minutes.

Then another 30 to blog about it.