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Mother of Mine treated the Family (well, it was my 42nd birthday present actually!) to a ticket to the Doctor Who Experience at Olympia.

The Experience itself immersed the Family in their own Doctor Who adventure with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. We stepped through the crack in the wall, ‘flew’ the Tardis, avoided Daleks and Weeping Angels, and battled aliens in a 3D time vortex to defeat the enemies and rebuild time.


Exterminate or Delete?

A colleague reminded me yesterday about the return of Doctor Who to our TV screens this Easter.

How exciting, given that the Family are big Doctor Who fans! Will the new series feature either of the two best-known enemies of the Doctor – the Daleks or the Cybermen?


It’s been a funny couple of weeks.

A ‘potential staffing reduction’ is upon us at the school I work in.  Not surprising, given the cuts to education budgets and in particular the funding for vocational subjects (which I provide administrative support for) in light of the introduction of the English Baccalaureate.

Still, I can’t fail to be amused by the language used in the documents we’ve received so far to prepare us for the potential redundancies.

My current post has been ‘deleted’.

I have until tomorrow to put forward a representation to amend or oppose the proposal.


And I always thought it would be the Daleks that would get me in the end. Maybe I should oppose the wording and ask for



The Works. Of Art. By The Family

After the excitement of the Easter weekend – church (twice); cycling; kite flying; visiting In-Laws of Mine for roast lamb and making wooden boats with Grandpa to race in the River Lavant; going to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre at Arundel; and consuming vast quantities of chocolate – The Family was ready yesterday to take on the challenge of creating some abstract art as threatened in my previous posts, A creative ‘first’ in art and My creative journey: the phallic phase.

So off we went in the morning to the local branch of a discount book and art supplies store to pick up some bargains – acrylic paints, brushes and bumper packs of pre-stretched canvases – ready to create our masterpieces.  Artist Masquerading as a Manager will be horrified at the poor quality of our art materials:  “What if you do a really fabulous painting? It won’t last five minutes let alone 80 years using that shite.”  I think it’s unlikely we’ll want to keep them that long.

Home again, we set to work. I haven’t seen Children of Mine so engrossed in something for quite some time. Apart from one teeny strop from Daughter of Mine, when what she pictured in her head didn’t come out as she expected on canvas, the whole project was so successful that I think we will be painting again as a Family very soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So thanks to Artist Masquerading as a Manager for the inspiration and advice – maybe one day we’ll buy some really posh materials to work with.  It’ll be interesting though to see what her critical eye will make of the themes depicted in the individual paintings, because there are themes, you know. Every brush stroke was carefully thought out and purposefully made. Really. Especially by Son of Mine, who relished the texture of the acrylics and loved exploring the way the paint could be moved about the canvas with brush or rag. 

Even my own painting took on the theme of my subconscious.  Geronimo!  It’s Doctor-Who-meets-Lake-District-mountain-surrealism, inspired by The Eleventh Hour and the Atraxi spacecraft.

And the best moment? It has to be when six-year old Son of Mine commented, “This is the best time I’ve ever had painting – now that’s what I call art.”

Who is the love of my life?

So last night was the night I had been waiting for, excitedly, along with the rest of the country.  For this year’s Easter Sunday brought a modern-day resurruction of its own – the return of the intrepid time traveller, the Doctor, newly regenerated in the body of Matt Smith.

I think it is true to say that Doctor Who is a big part of my life. Not in an ‘I’ve-got-a-huge-crush-on-David-Tennant’ or, following last night’s opening episode, an ‘on-first-impressions-oops-I-actually-fancy-Matt-Smith’ kind of way. (He’s just too new – not to mention too young – to float my boat on that score).

Although I admit David Tennant was rather ravishing as the Doctor when he brought out that teary-eyed, far-away look. Then again, so was Bernard Cribbins. Age is no barrier to provoking an emotional response. Whether the eleventh Doctor can tug at my heartstrings is yet to be seen; but he certainly made me laugh during the opening scenes of  last night’s episode.  Fishfingers and custard, anyone?

Of course, the Doctor has never left my screen really, since between the last series and the special episodes that aired last year, I have been watching the boxed sets of the Christopher Eccelston/David Tennant era again from the beginning. Son of Mine is now old enough to watch them, so in true DW fan club style, The Family have sat down together on most Saturday nights to absorb the phenomenon of the Tardis and all who travel in her.

My earliest memories of Doctor Who go back to when I was 5. It would have been Series 11, with Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen making her first appearance as Sarah Jane Smith. I don’t remember detailed storylines, just the scariness of the ultimate of Doctor’s Who’s enemies – the Daleks. My memories are of my grandfather, ‘Pops’, and I playing our own version of Doctor Who, with me of course as Sarah Jane. This role playing took place in the kitchen, where I used to ‘help’ with the washing up. Sound effects were provided by a door stop, one that was attached to the wall and consisted of a coiled metal spring with a rubber bung on the end. I suppose up close it looked rather like a Dalek’s plunger, but it made a satisfying ‘boinggg’ that sufficed as the noise of the Tardis taking off on another journey through time and space.

Daughter of Mine asked me last night whether, given the chance, I would marry David Tennant.  Or, seeing my facial expression change ever so slightly, maybe Matt Smith.  “Of course not,” I replied, “I’m married to Daddy.” 

But if I was given the chance to go travelling amongst the stars, in a blue box, then yes, I would be off like a shot.  I just know Who my Doctor would be.

Rambling on and on…

Right.  Probably about time I mentioned a hill in my blog.  I got into walking early on my relationship with Husband of Mine*;  in a field of cows on the Isle of Wight; on the South Downs and then in the mountains of Slovenia – in fact, it was Svinjak near Bovec that pretty much cemented things in 1988 (he proposed; I accepted). 

Svinjak from east of Bovec

This was followed a couple of years later by a holiday in the English Lake District, carting the In-Laws of Mine’s* luggage from B&B to B&B while they walked the Coast to Coast walk, in return for the use of their car for the duration of the holiday.  Despite the lousy campsite at Bassenthwaite, I fell in love with Keswick in the North Lakes, and it is here I escape to in the flesh, or in my head – when times are good, or bad, or in-between.  The header at the top of my blog is one of the most photographed shots in the Lakes – Catbells from the shores of Derwentwater – with another favourite family climb, Castle Crag, just visible in the foreground at the end of the lake.  I’m proud to say the photograph is one of mine – I’m no expert, but then to me the mountains never fail to show their best side when I point my camera at them.

The Family – Daughter of Mine* and Son of Mine* – now have to share our love of walking; at the moment it seems quite happily.  Here’s a snap taken last weekend on a walk from Amberley to Arundel – casting our family shadow across the Arun valley.

*The Family of Blood – Doctor Who, Series 3 – share such scary coincidences with my immediate family that I thought these pseudonyms to be appropriate.  The resemblance is most apparent in Son of Mine and Daughter of Mine, who are indeed sometimes “gaseous entities that can control Human bodies” (namely mine – “twist”, “little” and “finger” are words that come to mind).  And The Family are all fans of DW – past, present and future…